AGM, November 4, 2014 Minutes



Tuesday November 4th, 2014

TIME: 7:00 P.M.

LOCATION: Minden Community Centre

CHAIRPERSON: President Mary Jane Irwin

RECORDER: Secretary Margaret Giles


WELCOME: MJ welcomed members and Assistant Director of District 4 Carol Mitchell.

MINUTES OF THE 2013 AGM: Margaret Giles moved that the Minutes of the November 5th, 2013 AGM be accepted as circulated, seconded by Nancy Garbutt. CARRIED.

FINANCIAL REPORTS: Copies of the Annual Financial Report were distributed to the members. Karen Shirley presented the Report. The Society’s Bank Balance as of August 31st, 2013 was $2043.67. Karen made a motion, seconded by Barb Millington that the Annual Financial Report be accepted as read. CARRIED. It was moved by Karen and seconded by Barb Millington, that the Annual Financial Report and the Statement of the Reviewers, John Pentney and Donna Dillon, be placed in the Society’s records. CARRIED.

PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL REPORT: Mary Jane read the President’s report highlighting that it was the first year in our history where there have been Co-Presidents. We have been the recipients of some generous grants this year. Thanks to some Society members much hard work. We received a $500 OHA Special Project grant for the Village Green as well as a $200 Tree Grant. The Master Gardeners devised a plan for the Village Green and with the help of Society members and municipal staff we were able to see the plan come to life. The Tree Grant enabled us to plant 3 Ivory Silk Lilac memorial trees in from of the Community Centre. This year we initiated the awarding of ten and twenty year pins to acknowledge the work of long time members. Mary Jane thanked everyone for their support in making our Society the strong successful organization it is today.

Moved by MJ Irwin, seconded by Rose Paliwoda that the President’s Report for 2014 be accepted as read. CARRIED.

Moved by MJ Irwin, seconded by Carol Jarvis that the actions of the Executive in 2014 be approved. CARRIED.

Moved by MJ Irwin, seconded by Nancy Garbutt that the actions of the Board of Directors in 2014 be approved. CARRIED.


ADVERTISING: Melanie Hevesi – The advertising committee focused on increasing community awareness of the Society as well as keeping our members informed of all events. We increased our online presence, through the launch of our own website in addition to advertising events and meetings on other community sites, such as and Monthly meeting posters have been posted at various locations around the community.

CARDS & T-SHIRTS – Elinor Kernohan sent out 23 cards over the past year, including Thank You, Get Well, Sympathy and Thinking of You.

COMMUNITY GARDENS: Karen Shirley & Anne Brown –copy of report attached in file

EXCURSIONS: Susan Sheehan –Twenty-two members enjoyed a visit to Canada Blooms in March. In June 18 members car pooled to Richters’ Herbs in Uxbridge, then to the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery in Leaskdale for Tea at the museum. The day ended with a visit to “Perennial Woods”. A glorious time was had by all.

FLOWER SHOW: Margaret Giles – Margaret presented the 2014 Flower Show Report, Music in the Garden. Combining Adult and Junior Divisions, there were 41 exhibitors with 332 entries. High Points went to Mary Jane Irwin and Cole Hamilton, Best in Show went to Barb Ballantyne and Taryn Provenzano respectively. High Points for First Time exhibitor went to Gus Janca. We showed a profit of $283.08. Margaret thanked the committee for their hard work and help as she chaired the Flower Show for the first time.

LIBRARY: Izabel Janca: Izabel has revamped the Library. There is a good collection of books, colour coded for easy access. Members are encouraged to take our material for the winter and read up on some new ideas.

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy Garbutt – Nancy reported that our membership is at 118, 4 Life Members, 21 new members, 74 renewals, and one free (Elizabeth Linton) plus 18 Juniors. Nancy will be staying on as Membership chair for the coming year.

PLANT SALE: Rose Paliwoda – The annual plant sale was held on May 24th at the Village Green. There was a good variety of perennials, heirlooms tomato plants. A warm, sunny day helped the sale realize a profit of $ 885.40

WEBSITE: – Melanie and Richard Hevesi – In 2014, we were pleased to announce the launch of our new website: It is an easily navigable site to read minutes of previous meeting, view upcoming events, guest speakers and browse photos. Please feel free to email in any photos that you would like to have added to our Society’s site. We hope to showcase more of our members’ gardens. The site will be updated on an ongoing basis.

YOUTH PROGRAM – Rose Paliwoda and Pauline Plooard –This year 2 grade three classes of 20 children each, at Archie Stouffer Public School, participated in the program. Classroom activities included learning the basic rules of gardening, planting and propogation. Each student planted pumpkin and bean seeds in a recycled pot to take home. A memory garden at the school was cleaned out and nasturtiums were planted. The students planted the Three Sisters Garden at the Museum. They went to Minden Home Hardware where they each received a Geranium to be potted in their own decorated container as a gift for Father’s Day. Several of the students exhibited in the Annual Flower Show. Rose thanked the ladies for their help.

Margaret Giles made a motion that the reports of our Society be adopted as presented, seconded by Elizabeth Carrell. CARRIED

AMENDMENT TO CONSTITUTION: – Article 6(a) – As per Article 8(b), notice was given to all members, by email and /or phone, 3 months prior to the AGM.

Moved by Pauline Plooard and seconded by Izabel Janca That Article 6(a) of the Constitution be amended to read: “The Bd. Of Directors shall be composed of the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President tohold office until the next annual meeting; and eight Directors of whom four shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting and four shall hold office until the next following Annual Meeting”. CARRIED

The Chair was now transferred to Carol Mitchell, Assistant Director of District 4 to conduct the Elections for 2014.

A slate was presented by Barb Millington. The following is the result.

Co-Presidents – Mary Jane Irwin and Melanie Hevesi

Past President – Liz Case

1st Vice-President – Susan Sheehan

2nd Vice-President – Rose Paliwoda

Secretary – Pauline Plooard and Susan Sheehan

Treasurer – Karen Shirley

Directors for 2015: Izabel Janca, Richard Hevesi, Linda Kemp, Anica Sabel

Directors for 2015-2016: Anne Brown, Margaret Giles, Linda Ross, Elinor Kernohan

Financial Reviewers: John Pentney and Donna Dillon

The Chair was passed back to Mary Jane Irwin. MJ thanked Carol for assistance with the elections.

15 Minute Break for refreshments

Mary Jane thanked the outgoing Directors for their dedication and service: Pam Manser, Elizabeth Carrell, Sandria Garry, Jessie Geall.


FALL SEMINAR – A $150 grant was received for the 2015 Youth Group

GARDEN ONTARIO WEEK – 3rd week in June 2015. Each Society is to do something special. The Ont. Judging Book is being updated. There will be some new Youth Standards.

ROSE O’DELL – This will be Rose’s last year as District 4 Director. She will be succeeded by Diane Westlake.


DISTRICT 4 – offering bee houses as a fund raiser. The membership indicated interest in this idea. It is referred to the next Executive meeting.

OHA -2015 Spring Bulb Sale – Barbara Messner will take responsibility for this project.


VOLUNTEER HOURS – Please remember to email or hand in your Volunteer Hours to Linda Kemp or Linda Ross.

AWARDS: 10 & 20 year pins: Receiving 10 year pins tonight: – Rose Paliwoda, Pam Manser, Sandria Garry, Nancy Garbutt, Barb Millington, Susan Sheehan. Receiving 20 year pins tonight: – Pauline Plooard, Elinor Kernohan. Sue Sisson and Barb Ballantyne will receive 25 year pins from the District.

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: SATURDAY FEBRUARY 7th, 2015 – Pot Luck Lunch, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Minden, 12 noon.


The meeting was adjourned by Rose Paliwoda at 8:37 P.M.

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