April 2018 General Meeting Minutes

HELD APRIL 3rd, 2018

Commenced at 1:00 p.m.
Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Pre meeting speaker: Sinclair Russell requested a few minutes to express his concern about how quiet Minden is and offered some methods to increase downtown crowds. He suggested that the river is a focal point and containers such as boats and canoes could make interesting planters. He circulated some pictures of ideas that had potential and even thought a promotional green easy chair in front of the TD bank would be appropriate. Also, topiary turtles down by the river could prove interesting. There are different types of lamp posts as well and instead of hanging baskets suggested a system that clamps on the posts somehow and when planted at the base, makes one big beautiful display which could be changed for the various seasons. The horticultural society logo is the water lily and he suggested a water garden at the boardwalk to keep the river fresh using new ideas. He thanked the members for their time and explained that he was moving and could not stay for the balance of the meeting. Master Gardner: Lou Loree gave a most interesting talk and power point presentaion on clematis and how to grow the plant. It is a Greek word meaning “to climb” so they need support such as a fishing line trellis. She said to plant them deeper than in the original pot in a location for all morning sun. She showed us how to prune various types of clematis and advised that the bush clematis was a PW IN 2017. There are three groups of clematis.

Use tea leaves: Cynthia Gilmore addressed the members regarding the current trend of companies to use plastic tea bags from biopolymer. They do not compost well and is concerned about the overall use of plastic type materials. She suggested that Lee Valley sells tea leaves and recommended the use of tea leaves rather than the bags from grocery stores.

Speaker: Our speaker was Joan Honsberger representing Lee Valley. She was most entertaining and showed us a variety of hats, proper gloves, bug and tick remover, hand creams, bag balm, etc. She explained that tools with a green handle are ergonomic. She was happy with the weeder-looper tool and advised that all Lee Valley tools are good value. She uses other companies’ tools too, but confirmed that the quality of Lee Valley is superior and in her opinion “you get what you pay for”. There is a benefit to keeping tools sharp and she uses a rust remover item to clean up shovels as well as to sand the handles. An application of Mineral Oil seals the handle from the elements. She showed us a flashing light item to improve safety for walking at night. She uses nail polish remover to take goo off of pruners. There are different types of stakes – wavy, vertical, cages, foam or rubber Velcro tape, twist ties, etc. She gave everyone a rubber thumb to use when one finger of our gardening gloves gets a hole from too much use. Simply put the rubber finger over the damaged finger on the glove and carry on. She left us a couple of

packages of seeds for our pollinator garden as well as donated a gift for the draw table. She recommended that everyone sign up to their web site at leevally.com to receive updates and useful hints. She ended her presentation with a three minute video.

Break: There was a 15 minute “chocolate” break before the main meeting.

Adopt Minutes: There was an amendment to the March 6th minutes. Under year book should read as follows: For new members and a reminder to the rest, Karen talked about the information available in our book from our meeting speaker to OHA District 4 meetings and other events of interest. Karen pointed out that the space on the back is to record your volunteer hours. This is important because the hours are used in promoting the value of our society and OHA, both locally and across Canada. Also, the line regarding Peterborough Garden show should read Karen no longer has any tickets.
Moved by: Elinor Kernohan Seconded by Pauline Plooard
BE IT RESOVLED THAT the minutes of the March 6th meeting , be adopted as amended. CARRIED.

Financial: Moved by: M. J. Irwin Seconded by: Anne Brown
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the financial report be accepted as presented in the amount of $4,331.93. CARRIED.


Advertising: Committee chair Melanie Hevesi was absent.

Community Gardens: Kelly Schollig advised that the flower colours were red and yellow and sign-up sheet for maintenance would be ready for the May meeting.

Excursions: Frances Thieverge did not have anything to report at this time.


Plant Sale: Anica Sabel advised that this our only fundraiser and requested members to label plants with name, sun or shade, colour, height etc. Herbs and tomato plants are also appreciated. She has provided pots which are available today. The plant sale is on May 26th at the Village Green.

Clothing, cards: Barb Millington was absent but cards were sent to Eileen Hughes on the passing of her son, Jean Cox on the passing of her husband both of whom were members of our society, Jay Roland on the passing of his father. Jay and his mother Lorna were both members of our society and a thinking of you card to Michelle Lewis.

Membership: There are 75 members with 13 new members today.

Archives, library: Izabel Janca advised that we have a lovely seclection of gardening book for people to borrow. Also as she does not subscribe to the local newspapers, requested that any such ads would be appreciated and she would add them to our library.

Youth Prog: Pat Johnson reported that the program was with the grade three class and would begin May 15th for 6 weeks. The children learn about plants, soil, worms, etc. and they plant the three sisters garden at the cultural center. She ends the class by making mason bee houses from the fragmites that grow in the ditches.


Dist. 4 GM: It will be held in Cobourg on April 7th and there are four members going on behalf of our society i.e. Karen Shirley, MJ Irwin, Liz and Nick Case. The society will pay the registration cost which includes lunch.

Skills & Awards: The annual skills update and awards celebration will be held in Peterborough on June 13th and members are encouraged to attend.

Convention: The annual convention is in Kingston on July 27-29. Karen Shirley and MJ Irwin are attending and they encouraged everyone interested to attend. The speakers and tours are excellent and it is a most enjoyable and informative event. The society has a budget for conventions and will provide some financial assistance to members who attend.

Fall Dist. 4: The fall seminar will be held in Coboconk this year on October 27th and again the society will pay for the members’ registration costs to attend.

Village Green: Liz Case passed a clipboard around requesting signatures for summer maintenance. People can sign up with a friend. The old spirea hedge has been removed and new plants are available for planting at an upcoming work bee when weather improves. The old awning on the bookstore building is in the process of being removed according to the owner.

Trillium Award: Liz and Nick Case were awarded the Trillium Award by the Township of Minden Hills for which they were grateful. They explained that it was really a group effort to keep the Village Green presentable.

Attendance: There were 55 members present.

Monthly Draw: Kelly Schollig won the tool from Lee Valley.

Adjourn: Moved by Nancy Garbutt BE IT RESOLVED THAT we do now adjourn: time: 3:00 p.m. CARRIED.

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