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About this event:

Created by Melanie Hevesi

55 Parkside St. Minden Community Centre Minden, ON

The Minden & District Horticultural Society looks forward to seeing you at the April General Meeting on Tuesday, April 4 at 1:00pm.

We welcome our special guest, Meike Schipper, who’s speaking engagement is entitled ‘Xeriscaping with Native Plants’.  Xeriscape landscapes are defined as “quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment.”.  Meike is a volunteer at Gamiing Nature Centre.
Gamiing is pronounced gaa-‘ming which is Ojibway meaning “at the shore”.  Gamiing started about 18 years ago as a follow-up to the Pigeon Lake Environmental Association. Their focus is on stewardship of our natural resources and heritage.  They have an extensive trail system where people come to hike, snowshoe or ski and a major Nature Club program for kids and a Nature Club for adults.  The program intends to inspire people to change behaviours toward reducing our footprint.  Gardening is a large part of that.  And with the very hot summer we had in 2016 it is timely to talk about xeriscaping, which basically means making sure that the plants we use and the soil we plant them in do not require water to grow. It is a great way to learn to use native plants, which are those plants that were here before the Europeans arrived and brought their plants. Native plants are adapted to the environment, soil and climate and therefore require not a lot of care.

The refreshment for this meeting is Chocolate Choices.  We look forward to your tasty chocolate treats 🙂

Please join us.

*** Please remember this is a DAY meeting, with a 1:00pm start time ***

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