March 3 2015 Minutes

March 3, 2015


TIME:                    1:00 p.m.

LOCATION:         Minden Hills Community Centre

CHAIR:                 Past-President, Liz Lilley-Case

ATTENDANCE: There were 32 in attendance.


  1. Welcome – Liz welcomed everyone and reminded all of the meeting format.
  2. Master Gardener – Pauline Plooard substituted for Eileen Hughes “Start Your Own Geraniums”
  3. Introduction of Speaker Cynthia Gilmore Brent Cole (The Herb Guy) ‘Politics of Botanical Herbs’
  4. Refreshments – Liz thanked Julia Donnelly.
  5. Call to Order – Liz
  6. Additions to Agenda – none
  7. Minutes February General Meeting – Moved by Pauline Plooard that they be accepted as distributed & posted. Seconded by Anica Sabel. Passed.
  8. Financial Report – Moved by Karen Shirley that the Report for February has a balance of $2,464.15 be accepted as posted. Seconded by Izabel Janca. Carried.


Committee & Events Reports
  2. COMMUNITY GARDENS – Karen reported that the Canna lilies will be obtained from Brighton H.S. and that Margaret Hewings is now living with her daughter & Karen has the telephone number if you wish to call her.
  3. VILLAGE GREEN – Liz circulated a clipboard that members signed to care for the Village Green for 1 week after a clean-up blitz to occur before the planting date of June 8.
  4. EXCURSIONS – Liz circulated a clipboard for Susan Sheehan requesting members to volunteer their garden for a members’ tour this summer.
  5. FLOWER SHOW – Margaret Giles reported the date as Aug 7 & 8. The Flower Show insert was distributed. Anyone interested is welcome to join the Committee which will meet later in March.
  6. .ONTARIO JUDGING & EXHIBITING STANDARDS BOOK – Bob MacBrien will leave the booklets in the library and purchasers should give the money to Karen Shirley. A new book may be forthcoming.
  7. LIBRARY & BULLETIN BOARD – Izabel Janca described the new List of Books coded in colour (Green=General Gardening, Yellow=Perennials & Annuals, Blue=Native Plants, Orange=etcetera) Sign a book out by writing your name, date and Blue7 for example.
  8. T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS – Elinor Kernohan sent out 2 cards & sold 1 pin. There was interest in purchasing hoodies.
  9. WEBSITE – NA Minutes of the meetings will be posted there.
  10. PLANT SALE – Rose Paliwoda requested pots, plants of all kinds, potted with proper labels. She commented that the start time is 9:00 a.m. according to the Yearbook.
  11. YEARBOOK – Flower Show insert is now available.
  12. SALE OF BEE HOUSES – $20 or 2/$35 Karen Shirley will sell you one or more.
  13. SALE OF BULBS – Barb Mesner outlined the OHA fundraiser of spring bulbs. $7 per pkg. 50¢ per pkg goes to our Society.
OHA, District 4, & Other Meetings
  1. March 6-9 Home & Garden Show
  2. Canada Blooms – March 13 – 22 @ Direct Energy Centre
  3. March 14, District 4 Presidents & Executives Spring Get-Together, Auburn Bible Chapel, Peterborough
  4. April 2-4, Peterborough Garden Show – Liz will get advance tickets so members attending can go through the express entrance. Members who ordered the tickets (& others) should contact Liz.
  5. MDHS Executive Meeting will be on March 17 at the OPP Station.


Correspondence – None
Other Business

-Thanks to Gus Janca for modifying the speaker system.

27. 2015 MEMBERSHIP- Sue Sisson reported it is currently 58.

  1. NEXT MEETINGApril 7 at 1 pm, Minden Community Centre. Speaker Phil Spring on ‘Horticultural Therapy’
  2. DOOR PRIZE was won by Bob MacBrien, a Bee House
  3. ADJOURNMENT at 3:30 p.m. was moved by Liz and seconded by Karen Shirley.


Lucky Draws


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