March 4, 2014 Minutes

Minutes of the General Meeting March 4, 2014

Location: Minden Community Centre, Minden, On

Chairperson: MJ Irwin

Attendance: 41

MJ called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. and welcomed all.

Master Gardener Eileen Hughes spoke about “Hostas of the Year”. Her power point presentation provided us with beautiful photos of the plants.

Cynthia Gilmore introduced the guest speaker, Jerry Jerrarh, of Kawartha Lakes Honey in Bobcaygeon. He gave us a good insight into the causes of the decline in the Bee population.


The business meeting was called to order at 2:30p.m.

MINUTES of the February 4, 2014 General Meeting were presented by Margaret Giles. Moved by Margaret and seconded by Sandria Garry that the minutes be accepted as circulated. CARRIED

FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by Karen Shirley. The currant Bank Balance is $738.71. We have received the OMAFRA grant of $1000.00. Moved by Kare3n and seconded by Elizabeth Carrell that the financial report be accepted as read. CARRIED

COMMUNITY GARDENS: MJ reported that a letter has been sent to Council and the Roads Superintendent regarding the proposed removal of the Flower boxes to improve sightlines on the Bobcaygeon Rd. bridge.  No response has as yet been received. Karen stated the flowers are in at Carey’s. There will be some changes as some plants were not available.

COUNCIL  MEETING: MJ and Margaret attended the Feb.27th, 2014 Council meeting. MJ made a presentation giving the Members a background on our Society. We have been placed in Category 2, which means we have the free use of the Community Centre for the annual Flower Show. We are now in this category and do not need to go to Council every year for this privilege. On all our advertising for our Flower Show we will display the Township logo indicating they are a sponsor of our event.  We were well received by Members of Council who spoke of their appreciation for the work of our members in beautifying the town.

EXCURSIONS: Susan Sheehan – The trip to Canada Blooms is Thursday march 20th, meet at the township offices, bus leaves at 7:30 am Cost is $60.00. There have been 2 cancellations. The Delphinium Festival in Caledon did not have enough interest to organize a trip. A show of hands indicated that a “Garden Centre Tour” will be organized in the Spring. Susan still has tickets to the Peterborough Garden Show – $7.00.

PLANT SALE: May 24th, Rose Paliwoda, please save your pots

T-SHIRTS & HOODIES:  Elinor has an order sheet.

MEMBERSHIP: Nancy Garbutt – Nancy plans to have a special something to give everyone who brings a new member!

LIBRARY: Izabel Janca – All library books have been colour coded and numbered. A catalog is being emailed to all members and one is available in the Library. Please put the colour and number in the sign out book.

FLOWER SHOW BOOKS – are available from Bob MacBrien for $6.50

Cynthia Gilmore asked if anyone was interested in having the Tomato lady come to a spring meeting with a supply of tomato plants.  As interest was high, Cynthia will contact her and invite her to our May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by Bob MacBrien at 2:55 pm

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