May 2017 General Meeting Minutes

TUESDAY MAY 2nd, 2017

MASTER GARDENER: Carolyn Langdon spoke on “To Till or not to Till” she recommends planting perennials: plant them once and then never disturb the soil again. She talked about some of nature’s tillers, including; earthworms and beetles which provide pathways for water and air: unchurned soils are just better. Tilling is supposed to kill weeds, but what really happens is that seeds buried within the soil are more likely to germinate. And it’s a lot of work.

GUEST SPEAKER: Gladys Fowler from the Peterborough Horticultural Society came to speak to us on Square Foot Gardening: growing more in less space. She recommended a book by Mel Bartholomew, “All New Square Foot Gardening” which her presentation was based upon. Some of the advantages of square foot gardening: fewer pests, less weeding, raised beds: longer growing season and easier on the body, superior drainage, 80% less space required for the same harvest.

CALL TO ORDER: The Chair called the meeting to order at 8:42 pm LOCATION: Minden Community Centre
CHAIR: President Karen Shirley.

MINUTES: Moved by Secretary Faye Adamson Seconded by Sandria Garry “That the minutes of the March General Meeting be adopted as circulated”

FINANCIAL REPORT: Francis reported that our current bank balance $3628.03.
Moved by Francis Kernohan Seconded by Inge March “That the financial report be accepted”


COMMUNITY GARDENS—Anne Brown: thanks to the volunteers! We are short 6 people for barrels, as well as 2 more people to take care of river bed number 2. June 6 is planting the town: 10-12. Bring a watering can, trowel, and gloves. Town has purchased 33 new barrels and “they’re ok”

EXCURSIONS—Susan: we’re going to Sandhill Nurseries in Huntsville, then to Andy Williams Park in Bracebridge for lunch, and to the Artful Garden on the way home. If you haven’t signed up: it’s not too late! Trip will be Thursday July 27th, price is only $10, bring a chair and hope for good weather.

GARDEN SHOW—Michelle: no report

LIBRARY AND BULLITIN BOARD—Isabel: info for new people: colour coded system. To sign out a book, put todays date, along with the code for the book (colour, number: example: green 14).

MEMBERSHIP—Nancy: 83 members as of today. And 12 new members joined tonight, 3 of which are brand new.

PLANT SALE—Pat: plant sale is our big (and only) fundraiser. It will be on May the 27th, and donation plants should be at the village green by 8.30am. Sale starts at 10am.

T-SHIRTS, CARDS, PINS—Elinor: has a new clothing order started. It will be sent in tonight. She also has water lily pins available for $5. No cards were sent out since the last meeting.

COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM: We have a July 1st event sharing a tent with the Master Gardeners and the township, and will have raffle baskets. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

VILLAGE GREEN—Liz: people have signed up, we need a few more bodies to help. The village green is in downtown Minden, and we look after it. In the fall we were able to lay a lot of mulch, as well as many many red and white tulip bulbs. Nancy Garbutt is being awarded a gold star for her tip of planting tulip bulbs in onion bags, which prevent the bulbs from being eaten by little critters.

YOUTH PROGRAM—Pat: told us about the youth program and the Three Sister’s Garden.

JULY MEETING: there will be a sign up component for a limited number of members prior to the beginning of the regular general meeting. Participants should wear old clothes, and bring two containers of different sizes (and confusing measurements), as well as a bag of stones to fill the smaller container. Payment will be needed next month (June). Pat suggested rubber gloves for those who have sensitive hands. More info to follow.

CORRESPONDENCE: Letter from the Legion-branch 636 is fully aware of our contributions to downtown Minden. They have sent us a cheque for $500.

PETERBOROUGH GARDEN TOUR: July the 15 10-4. 7 gardens will be on the tour plus the activity haven marketplace where there will be a picnic, and venders available. To request tickets call activity haven at 705 876 1670. Tickets will be $20 and include a ballot for an original painting!

SIRCH BUTTERFLY RELEASE: June 18 from noon to 2. The released butterflies will be “Painted Ladies”. Karen will have a display there about pollinator gardens.

OHA District 4 Meetings: June 14 is a skill update morning and celebration event noon-3 at the Naval Club In Peterborough. Theme: Our 150th Birthday.

FALL SEMINAR: Oct 29, Lindsay
OHA CONVENTION: July 21-23 in Markham. The theme is Green from Shore to Shore. HIGHLAND CREST TEA: we are serving one in May. We do it every year. It’s nice.


Pine Reflections in Carnarvon
Country Rose in Haliburton
Minden Fruit and Veg Market (on plants only) Minden Home Hardware
Wallflower Studio (on seeds).

ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Faye Adamson
“That the meeting be adjourned” Time – 9.20

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