September 2016 General Meeting Minutes

TUESDAY September 6, 2016

MASTER GARDNER: Pauline Plooard spoke about “Insect Problems in Haliburton County”. One such insect is the Cedar Leafminer which feed inside the leaves of cedar trees when they are in the caterpillar stage, causing the leaves to wither and turn brown. Most cedar trees survive, but they can die if they are infested for a few years in a row.                     Also mentioned was Beech bark disease. Many of our Beech trees are being attacked by scale insects introduced from Europe and spreading west across Canada. These insects feed on the beech bark creating cracks through which a native canker fungus can enter into the tree. The sad news is that 50-80% of infected tress will eventually die within 10 years of infestation.


GUEST SPEAKER: Susan introduced our guest speaker Lou Loree,, from the Norland Horticultural Society. Lou spoke to us about “Putting your Gardens to Bed”. Lou gave an informative talk on annuals, perennials, weeding, fertilizing, lawn care and much more. Lou also had a “Bulb Planting Guide” handout for anyone that was interested in having one. If members did not receive the handout and would like one, I would be happy to bring copies to the next General Meeting. Email me at:




CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Mary Jane Irwin at 8:27pm
LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre
CHAIR:            President, Mary Jane Irwin

MINUTES:     Moved by Michelle Lewis that the minutes of August 2nd 2016 be accepted as read. Seconded by Rich Hevesi               CARRIED

FINANCIAL REPORT: Frances Thivierge reported that our current bank balance is $3792.06. August 31st is our year end. Anyone who has outstanding invoices/receipts please fill out the proper form and give the receipts to Frances as soon as possible. Frances moved that the financial report be accepted as read. Seconded by Karen Shirley                       CARRIED



 COMMUNITY GARDENS: The municipality is responsible for the fall decorating downtown, however members were asked if they would like to participate in the fall decorating and there was no interest.

EXCURSIONS: Susan will have information on the upcoming 2017 trip excursions at the November meeting.

FLOWER SHOW : Margaret thanked everyone for all their help with the Flower Show. The weather definitely kept people away. There were 42 people in attendance Friday evening and 45 on Saturday. Please see attached financial report.

It was noted by a new member that the Flower Show was not advertised on our website this year. The Flower Show was advertised on the website however, there was a glitch with the calendar and the advertisement unfortunately was deleted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy reported our total membership is now at 98 members with 40 members in attendance this evening. We had 6 new memberships at the Flower Show with 1 renewal.

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS: Members picked up their orders for hoodies and tee-shirts at tonight’s meeting. Pins are always available for $5.00. Bob McBrien and Hazel Maxwell passed away and sympathy cards were sent to their families.

VILLAGE GREEN : Carolyn Langdon will send a reminder to Boshkung Lake Tree Service to inquire when the wood chips will be delivered to the Village Green.

WEBSITE:  Rich Hevesi will be updating the website.


 AUGUST EXECUTIVE MEETING: The Flower Show was the main topic of discussion. MJ read the report from the Executive Meeting on why we thought the attendance was down this year etc. See attached report. There was discussion about Canada’s 150th Birthday and what we may be doing. Planting red and white flowers will be the main theme. MJ asked us to think about ideas for the next General Meeting.

DISTRICT 4 FALL SEMINAR: The seminar is Saturday, Oct. 29th from 9-3:30 pm in Dunsford. The Guest Speaker is Anna Mizyn who will be speaking on “Winter Hardy Succulents”. The society will pay the registration fee if any members are interested in attending. Please let MJ know at the October meeting if you are interested in attending.

CONVENTION: The convention was held on the August long weekend. We took 1st for the Promotional Partnership Poster and 1st for the Yearbook! There were a total of 43 Exhibitors and 163 entries and we took two 1sts!! Many thanks to Melanie Hevesi for all the entries.


ONTARIO GARDENER: Subscription is 5 issues for $25.00 per year. Beautiful gardens from all over Ontario will be covered.

OHA TREASUER: The 2017 membership fee and insurance is $447.80 which works out to be $3.70 per member.

CANADA BLOOMS: March 10-19, 2017, the admission will be $14.00 for those in a bus group

DISTRICT 4- OHA has two fundraisers happening: 18 month calendars are selling for $20.00 and licence plate frames are selling for $10.00. Your order must be placed with MJ and paid at the October General Meeting so the society’s order is in by October 7th .

FALL TRILLIUM: This magazine is out 4 times per year. It is available on line at click on trillium


HIGHWAY OF HEROES: The total donation from our members and the Society for the Hwy of Heroes Tree Planting Project was $160.80. We were sent an acknowledgement from the OHA. A total of $28,000.00 was donated to this project by OHA.

CANADA 150 IN 2017: MJ asked the membership if they had any ideas for this celebration. Karen Shirley said the gardens will be red and white. What else can we do for this celebration? Give it some thought for the next General Meeting. What can we make, teach, build?

COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM: Elinor reported there were 22 venues visited by the judges. Breakfast was at the Wild Swan. A big thank you to Liz and Nick for all their help at the Village Green. There was a lot of positive feedback from the judges so we could be in for 3-4 Blooms!

UPCOMING ELECTION: The November AGM elections are coming up! There will be nominations accepted from the floor and we are looking for 2-3 people to form a nominating committee. You would be responsible to phone the membership to obtain a slate of nominees for the various positions in the upcoming elections.

ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Anica “that the meeting be adjourned”. Time 9:04pm

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