September 2017 General Meeting Minutes

September 5,  2017


MASTER GARDNER: Barbara Kraus spoke to us about saving seeds.  She packed a lot of valuable information into a 10 minute talk.
Barbara also had an informative handout  about saving, harvesting, drying, cleaning and storing seeds.

GUEST SPEAKER: Our guest speaker was Joyce HiggsJoyce spoke to us about Canadian Wild Flowers by Catharine Parr Traill.  Joyce read from some of Catharine’s writings which was very interesting. A handout was provided on both Sources of Native Plants in Ontario and Information/Resources.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Karen Shirley at 7:00pm.

LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre

CHAIR:            President, Karen Shirley


MINUTES:  The August General Minutes will be moved to be accepted as circulated at the next General Meeting.  

FINANCIAL REPORT: Frances Thiverge  reported after all bills paid we have a bank balance of $4,553.00.  The Garden Show took in $1,365.15. Frances moved the financial report be accepted as read.
SECONDED:  Margaret Giles       CARRIED



COMMUNITY GARDENS: Anne Brown announced we need a few volunteers to clean up the barrels on Friday, September 8th at 10:00 am  in order to get the downtown ready for “Doors Open” .
Doors Open is a province wide celebration of community heritage that provides residents and visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy different parts of Ontario.

COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM: We have not heard anything yet.. Elinor will keep us posted!

 GARDEN SHOW: The wrap up meeting will be a potluck lunch on September, 11th @ 10:00am at 46 Anson St. We had a very successful show this year. Thanks very much to an amazing, creative committee!

 LIBRARY: Izabel introduced us to many gently used books most of which were donated by Rose. Many of the donated books are the same books our speaker introduced us to this evening. Many thanks Rose.

 T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS: A new clothing order has been started and the clip board will be sent around. There is a pin attached to the order. The pins are $5.00 each. We need 8-10 tee-shirt or hoodies to complete an order.

VILLAGE GREEN: Liz thanked all the members for their help with the Village Green. We could use help for the week of Oct. 8-16th.  All hands on deck Oct. 10th @ 10:00 am for our fall clean-up of the Village Green. Wear your blue!!



 FALL SEMINAR: Will be on October 28th  in Lindsay. More information to follow.

OTHER BUSINESS:  We had 49 members in attendance tonight.

BOOK MARKS: Our new book marks are in and they look fantastic!

NEW BUSINESS: Our next General  Meeting is Oct. 3rd and our speakers will be Hazel and Joel Cook talking on Peonies. The Master Gardener will be Carolyn Langdon talking on Forest Gardening.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 pm


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