AGM 2017 Minutes_Adopted at 2018 AGM


GUEST SPEAKER:     Vikki Whitney of Griffin’s Greenhouse in Peterborough demonstrated making a winter container display using such things as cedar, pine, hydrangeas, dogwood, magnolia leaves, ilex berries and pinecones.


CALL TO ORDER:  The Chair called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm and welcomed all.

LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre

CHAIR:           President, Karen Shirley

ATTENDANCE: There were 43 in attendance tonight


MINUTES:        Moved by Faye Adamson                     Seconded by Nancy Garbutt

“That the minutes of the November 2016 Annual General Meeting be adopted as circulated”

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Treasurer, Frances Thivierge invited questions about the annual financial report and received none.

Moved by Frances Thivierge                    Seconded by Michelle Lewis

“That the Treasurer’s annual report and reviewers’ certificate be accepted as circulated and  placed in the Society’s record.”


CONSTITUTION – A revised constitution and by-laws were prepared by an ad hoc committee and circulated to the membership prior to the AGM.

Moved by Mary Jane Irwin                  Seconded by Nancy Garbutt

“That the revised Constitution and By-laws be adopted as circulated and the previous one be revoked.”

COMMUNITY GARDENS – On behalf of Anne Brown, Karen Shirley reported that the gardens were planted in the rain and prepared for winter in the rain. The gardens will be started one week earlier in 2018.

EXCURSIONS– Susan Sheehan reported that 36 members and friends participated in this year’s excursion on July 27th. We first carpooled to Dwight Garden Centre for a wonderful visit. The owners welcomed us with games, prizes and plants and giftware to buy. Next we drove to Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge for a picnic lunch. Then it was off to The Artful Garden just outside Bracebridge where flowers and works of art blended for a beautiful display.

GARDEN/FLOWER SHOW –Chairperson Michelle Lewis reported that the Garden Show was held on August 11 & 12, 2017 at the Minden Community Centre. The theme was Garden Celebration, honouring Canada’s 150thand our Society’s 40thbirthday. There were 159 paid attendants and we had a profit of $640.00. There were 28 exhibitors with 296 exhibits. Barbara Messner won the high points trophy and Nick Case won the Best In Show trophy. Attendants enjoyed presentations by Carolyn Langdon and Jean Tyler. Michelle thanked the judges, Christa Marton and Joan Harding as well as the members who exhibited and those  who volunteered to help at the show.

The theme for the 2018 show will be “Christmas in August” and details are posted on the bulletin board.

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy Garbutt reported that this year we have 104 adult members including 2 life members. We were happy to welcome 27 new members this year. We had 22 youth members join.

PLANT SALE – Pat Johnson  reported that the sale was held May 27th2017 at the Village Green. It was a huge success, raising $943.00 for the Society. She thanked members for their generous donations of plants and their hard work.

T-SHIRTS, CARDS, PINS – Elinor Kernohan reported that during the year she sent 10 get-well cards, 5 thinking-of-you cards, 3 sympathy cards, and 1 birthday card. A clothing order is on-going.

VILLAGE GREEN – Liz Case gave a brief history of the Village Green; it was first started by residents in 2002 and the cenotaph was added in 2009. In 2014  our society received a $500.00 grant from the Ontario Horticultural Association to redesign and replant the gardens in the Village Green; the Haliburton County Master Gardeners developed a site plan using mostly perennial native plants; and the municipality provided new soil. The cenotaph bed is planted in annuals which can be removed in the Fall for Remembrance Day.

This year 22 members contributed 90 to 100 hours planting, maintaining and Fall clean-up.

YOUTH PROGRAM – Pat Johnson reported that 38 Grade 3 students at Archie Stouffer school took part in 6 sessions that we offered in May and June. The program included the topics of soil preparation and the value of worms,  and plant propagation. Students got to plant and take home pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and geraniums which were donated by Home Hardware. The Three Sisters Garden ( corn, beans & squash) was planted and the harvest donated to the Food Bank. Pat thanked her committee for all their help.



President’ Karen Shirley thanked everyone for making her first year fly by so fast. This year we celebrated the Society’s 40thanniversary and started off with a great turnout at our potluck luncheon. Each month we had great speakers thanks to our Program Committee. Our Community Gardens were well organized and looked great. They were a contributing factor to Minden Hills receiving 5 blooms out of 5 from Communities in Bloom. Membership was up. The excursion was a great experience. The Garden show was amazing thanks to the committee. Thanks to the committee and all who donated plants, our Plant Sale was a success. Karen thanked her Executive and Directors, and Chairpersons without whom we would not have a Society.

Moved by Karen Shirley                           Seconded by Elizabeth Carroll

“That all actions and decisions of the executive from the past year are approved by the general membership”    CARRIED

Moved by Karen Shirley                           Seconded by Rose Paliwoda
“That the actions and decisions of the Board of Directors for the past year be approved by the general membership”


The President’s Award was presented to Liz Case, Cynthia Gilmore and Irene Alexander


Chair of the Nominating Committee, Mary Jane Irwin, presented a slate of nominees for positions on the Board of Directors. She asked for further nominations from the floor. Since there were no further nominations the following nominees were acclaimed:

President:                      Karen Shirley

1stVice President:            Sharon Ireland

2ndVice President:           Melanie Hevesi

Secretary:                      Elinor Kernohan

Directors for 1 year:         Julia Donnelly, Richard Hevesi, Michelle Lewis, Debra Tammi

Directors for 2 years:        Linda Ross, Susan Sheehan, Anica Sable, Susan Kellar

Financial Reviewers:        Faye Adamson & Carolyn Langdon

The Board Members were installed by District 4 Assistant Director, Helen Newlove.


ADJOURNMENT         Moved by Pauline Plooard
“That the meeting be adjourned. Time: 9:08pm”

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