October 2018 General Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 2, 2018

Opened meeting:          President Karen Shirley opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Master Gardener:         Liz Case, Master Gardner gave a presentation on the very invasive phragmite, which is overtaking the wetlands.  Its root system chokes out everything around it and one seed can grow into 100 plants in one season.  It is named as Canada’s #1 most invasive weed and Ontario is not yet using a herbicide to eradicate the weed.  It is recommended to place seeds in a black garbage bag, seal it so the sun will heat them up and cook it.  Some countries use it for biomass purposes.

Speaker, Paul Richardson:         The speaker for the evening was Paul Richardson, owner of Pineneedle Farms in Pontypool.  He explained how to prune using the best tools possible.  Christmas trees should be pruned on a 60% slope similar to a pyramid. He told us that the Red Oak did well this summer, but doesn’t feel that the sugar maple will be here much longer. A forest can only be called rural if nobody lives within 25 miles of its boundary, so most forests are now known as Urban Forests.  He had some interesting homeopathic suggestions too such as a poison ivy pill will cure shingles and reed grass kills poison ivy.  To plant sumach, boil the seeds into a tea, then pour it where you want the plant to grow and it will sprout in three days. He explained that only the male gingko tree has the benefitting ingredient and it is growing in our area now. 

Break:  A refreshment break for pumpkin possibilities was from 8:45 – 9:00 p.m.

Minutes:           Moved by:  Elinor Kernohan                  Seconded by: Barb Millington
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the general meeting held September 4, 2018 be adopted as circulated.  CARRIED.

Financial:          Treasurer, MJ Irwin advised that the Garden Show had a deficit of $250.00 and discussions were being considered for a different format.

Moved by:  MJ Irwin                              Seconded by:  Larry Parsons
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the financial report in the amount of $2,788.61 be adopted as presented.  CARRIED.

Advertising:      No report

Comm. Gardens:  A clean-up day will be scheduled for next week.

Website:           No report

Garden Show:   A meeting is scheduled for October 9 to decide how to proceed.

Village Green:   Liz Case requested help for a general clean-up soon.

T Shirts, Cards, Pins:      Barb Millington reported that cards had been sent to Georgina Parks on her 90thbirthday and a get-well card to Sandria Garry after her knee surgery.

Yearbook Advertising:   Someone is still required to approach local business owners requesting them to place their business card as an ad in our annual yearbook at a cost of $30.00.  This offsets printing costs.

Fall Seminar:     The District 4 fall seminar is being held in Coboconk on October 27th. Registration is due by October 19th, 2018.

Attendance:      Nancy Garbutt reported that 38 people were present but no new memberships tonight.

Door Prize:       Cynthia Gilmore won a print of Lora’s, (one of our members) artwork.

Adjourn:           Moved by Larry Parsons
                        BE IT RESOLVED THAT we do now adjourn. Time:  95 p.m.  

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