August 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minden & District Horticultural Society
Minutes of General Meeting Held August 7, 2018
at the S. G. Nesbitt Memorial Centre

Call to Order: President, Karen Shirley opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

MG Panel Discussion: Master Gardeners Liz Case and Lou Loree together with in-training help from Diane Wilson and Terry Goodwin answered questions from the members.

Q. How do you become a MG? A. There are three different paths – self-study, through Guelph by on-line courses at a cost of $500.00 or Dalhousie for on-line courses at $345.00 each. There are four different courses to be completed in three years. MG reimburses one for some of the costs. Once exams are passed, it is necessary to do 20 hours of volunteer work as well as upgrading per year.

Q. A member had pictures of a small flower which was identified as a dianthis perhaps. He also had a picture of a chameleon tree frog which members found interesting.

Q. What kind of bug gets all over the beans and new aluminum siding? A. A type of green stink bug or squash bug. Use sunlight soap, lemon juice or hand pick them into a bucket.

Q. What do with tomato plants that aren’t doing well? A. Find a resistant type plant. Some kind of wilt or air born disease. Perhaps new soil is needed. The heat is causing plants to die earlier. Thin out plants, cut off the top half.

Q. How do you maintain a meadow? A. Wait till plants go to seed then cut the grass.

Q. Patch of wild parsnip near Kinmount. A. Very invasive.

Q. A follow-up from last month’s meeting regarding bees in a berm. She went home to find 1,000’s of bees swarming in a tree. A. Need someone to capture the swarm or some expert to review the situation. Not typical for bees to be in the ground. Pictures would help.

Q. How do you stop black spot on roses? A. Spray with baking soda and water. Pick off leaves.

The MG reminded everyone that questions can be forwarded to them using the address in our year-book.

Garden Show Talk & Demo Karen encouraged everyone to participate in the upcoming garden show. She demonstrated a new way to display a collection of hosta using several clear individual containers of various sizes. The flowers or leaves are judged not the container and some can detract from the item one is attempting to focus on. Some societies are not using judges anymore – some use members choice instead. Not all societies hold a garden show either. Some have monthly competitions with a different category depending on the season. At the end of the year, points are totalled and the winner given a prize of some sort. Perhaps this keeps people more interested.

MJ reviewed some judge’s notes from last year’s show such as:

* Floating begonia must not touch the sides or bottom of the container and no water should be in the bloom or foliage

* Remove any spent blooms or leaves on all entries

* Specimens #1 – 36; buds count as blooms and entries should be in a clear glass container so the judges can actually count the stems

* Stems #6 and 7; foliage should be joined

* Name of plants should be squeezed onto the entry tag somehow or listed and stapled to the entry

* Marigolds; measure to be sure of size and watch single or double flowers

* Hydrangea; if it is white and has a green tinge it means it is getting old and judged less favourably

* Hibiscus is a shrub not a perennial

* Johnny jump ups are not a pansy

* Allium is a bulb not a perennial

* Fasten tags near the bottom so the judge can easier write comments on them

* Vegetables should be much the same size

* Lilies are a summer bulb

New judge’s book: MJ also advised that a new rule book was being printed and it was agreed to order at least 30 for our society.

Break: A refreshment break and “Berry Bliss” treats was from 8:15 to 8:30 p.m.

Financial Report: Moved by: MJ Irwin Seconded by: Larry Parsons BE IT RESOLVED THAT the financial report showing a balance of $3,092.53 be adopted. CARRIED.

Minutes: Moved by: Elinor Kernohan Seconded by: Anica Sabel BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the general meeting held July 3rd, 2018 be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.

Convention: Karen reported that some societies broke down the entries in their garden shows between novice and experienced. The speaker from Nova Scotia had beautiful ferns. MJ reported that Kathy Smith is the new President; Charles Freeman the Vice-President and Dianne Westlake remains our rep for District 4. Volunteer hours for the OHA totalled 517,209. She enjoyed the speaker on How Plants changed our lives and how our way of life changed plants. Finally, advised everyone that oasis does not compost but Maxlife does.

Advertising: Absent – no report

Comm. Gardens: All is well

Excursions: Nothing to report.

Website: Absent – no report.

Plant Sale: 2018 a success. Plan for next year.

T-Shirts, Cards: Barb advised that she has placed an order for T-shirts at $30.00 each and hoodies at $45.00 each. Cards were sent to Jessie and Don Gealle on the loss of their vacation home in Texas and to Mary Trepanier on the loss of her mother-in-law. Elinor sent a feel better card to Barb regarding her ligament injury.

Membership: There are 96 members with four new ones signed up tonight.

Village Green: Liz reported that it had been damaged by the hail storm and a clean-up was planned for one morning next week.

OHA, DISTRICT 4 Fall Seminar: The fall seminar will be held in Coboconk on October 27th and Karen encourages members to attend.

Attendance: There were 37 members present.

Draw: Linda Ross won the monthly draw and she also reminded everyone that she needs the volunteer hours for submission.

Adjourn: Moved by: Anica Sabel
BE IT RESOLVED THAT we now adjourn. Time – 9:10 p.m. CARRIED.

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