September 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minden & District Horticultural Society
Minutes of General Meeting Held September 4, 2018
at the S. G. Nesbitt Memorial Centre

Call to Order:     President Karen Shirley opened the meeting at 7:07 p.m.

Master Gardner: Master Gardener Heather Chambers gave a power point presentation on a Plant
Guild in the Home Garden. Plant companion friendly gardens such as one that deters deer or
the three sister’s garden at the cultural centre. One should plant in multi-functional layers such
as a fruit tree surrounded by fruit bushes over strawberries. All will be beneficial to the
gardener as well as nature.

Speaker re: Biochar:      Mike Anderson has worked for five years at the Haliburton Forest. He explained
that Biochar is the new (old) tool for gardeners as it lasts 2,000 years when dug into the soil. Once it is wet it hangs onto water and improves the condition of the soil. We can make our own by burning wood in a campfire, but not to the point where it becomes ash as it is low in carbon. He gave everyone a sample to take home to mix with water and compost into a slurry and apply to the garden. One can buy biochar on line.

Break: There was a break from 8:12 to 8:30 for veggie vittles.

Minutes:               Moved by: Elinor Kernohan                           Seconded by: Sandria Garry
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the August 7th, 2018 meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.

Financial:             Moved by: MJ Irwin                           Seconded by: Steve Tammi
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the financial report in the amount of $3,299.39 be accepted. CARRIED.

Advertising:        No report.

Website:               No report.

Garden Show:    MJ reviewed the Garden Show and thanked all the volunteers. Sadly, the financial
report indicated a shortfall of $20.00. Attendance was from 159 last year to 86 this year. The
number of entries was also down, but the number of exhibits increased. It was a good show
despite the hail.

Village Green:   Liz Case reported that the garden was really looking good, but she needs someone for
weeding and deadheading next week and the last three weeks into September and October.

T-shirts, cards, pins: Barb Millington advised that all the clothing had been handed out and there would
not be another order placed until next year. She has pins available for $5.00 each. A sympathy
card was sent to Darlene Yule on the loss of her husband.

Membership:     Nancy Garbutt advised that there were now 97 members with one new one tonight.

Volunteer Hrs:  Linda Ross requested that members bring their volunteer hours to the October meeting.

Garden Show re: Kitchen: Sandria Garry thanked all those who helped in the kitchen during the Garden
Show. She also requested that the vases used on the tables be returned.

Election:                President Karen Shirley announced that all committee chairs agreed to continue for
another year, but she feels that Corrine needs some back-up at the refreshment table.

Fall Seminar:      The OHA fall seminar will be held on October 27th, 2018 in Coboconk.

Door Draw:          Irene Alexander won a potted mum as a door prize.

Attendance:       There were 55 members present.

Library:                                    Izabel Janka requested new pictures for the display board.

Downtown Flowers: Sinclair Russell commented that the dragon fly begonia did well on both sides of
the street, however, the trailing alyssum looks drab. He really liked the solid colours in the
barrels/planters but felt that something shorter would look better because the barrels are not
very high. The creeping jenny is very bright and the red marigolds are great. He felt that the
township’s watering program was on the sketchy side.

Adjourn:                Moved by: Rose Paliwoda
BE IT RESOLVED THAT we now adjourn. Time 8:45 p.m.

Share the Wealth: Everyone enjoyed the share the wealth table.

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