August 4 2015 Minutes



MASTER GARDENER:   Carolyn Langdon presented information on alternatives to peat. It is not a renewable resource so she recommended using well-rotted wood chips (3 yrs. old), composted kitchen waste and amending the soil with green bracken fern, all of which is available locally.

GUEST SPEAKER: Jim Jones of Big Ass Garlic spoke on how to plant garlic (6” -8” deep in late October), when to pick the scapes (early June) and harvest garlic (in July). He also provided details regarding how to control pests (using a neem product, dip the bulb in hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or rubbing alcohol before planting). All help to control leek moth. Amending the soil with mustard, buckwheat or radishes all help to provide phosphorous in the fall and make for healthier bulbs. He has planting bulbs available and will provide some to us for $15.00 per quart. If we are interested, he will meet someone at Tim Horton’s to arrange a delivery. Cynthia Gilmore agreed to organize the numbers for those interested.




CALL TO ORDER: MJ Irwin, Co-President called the meeting to order at 8:45 and welcomed all.

LOCATION: S. G. Nesbitt Community Centre

ATTENDANCE: There were 34 in attendance.


MINUTES: The secretary was absent so Elinor Kernohan acted as recording secretary for this meeting. Moved by: Elinor Kernohan                      Seconded by: Margaret Giles
That the minutes of the July 7th, 2015 general meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The treasurer was absent so MJ Irwin read her report which indicated a balance of $2,505.09. Moved by: Sandria Gary                  Seconded by: Elle Welch
That the financial report be accepted as presented. CARRIED.



ADVERTISING: The chair of that committee was absent but it was generally agreed that more advertising was being done this year for the flower show than in previous years.

COMMUNITY GARDENS: The chair of that committee was absent but the question regarding the lack of watering needs to be resolved. The plants are looking good and we want to keep them that way.

EXCURSIONS: The chair of that committee was absent but MJ read a report from Susan Sheehan that the garden tour was a success. The gardens were lovely and she thanked those who shared their gardens and provided refreshments.

FLOWER SHOW: Margaret Giles reported that members who have any flower pots, urns, etc. to please let her `borrow` them for decoration purposes. She also advised that there was a supply of white foam plates for exhibitors to place their vegetable entries on. All entries must be in by 12 noon. MJ advised that there were a couple of spots to fill for decorating and more cedar boughs were required for the arbours. Nick and Liz Case agreed to bring more. MJ reported that the workshop led by Pat Campbell on parallel design and water viewing design was very successful. Sandria also had a couple of spots open in the kitchen and serving area. She also reminded people to bring their decorated cupcakes.

LIBRARY: Izabel Janca reported that several new books had been donated and were going into the library. She encouraged everyone to make use of this resource.

MEMBERSHIP: Nancy Garbutt reported that there were 2 new members tonight.

MONTHLY PRIZE: Nick Case won a plant trolley.

T shirts, CARDS & PINS: Elinor reported that there were sufficient numbers to place a clothing order. She did not sell any pins tonight and no cards were sent since the last meeting.

VILLAGE GREEN: The green is looking really good and those weeding or working in the green receive favourable responses from the public.

VOLUNTEER HOURS: Linda Kemp reminded everyone to keep track of their hours for the annual report. She will collect a sheet from every person in November.



DISTRICT 4: The fall seminar is scheduled for October 24th in Campbellford. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

OHA CONFERENCE: Izabel janca reported that she attended a session on ornamental grasses. The speaker has a business called The Potting Shed and he was very entertaining. Grasses come in all sizes, colours, etc. and provide support for taller flowers, prevent soil erosion and are best divided in the spring. She had an information sheet if anyone wanted a copy.

Liz Lilley-Case reported that a car tour was taken to visit Reg and Anna Holloway who now live in Niagara Falls. A tour of Dundurn Castle was most enjoyable (especially the kitchen garden which was two acres of heritage crops planted and harvested in the old ways). Also the host society had many different functions to encourage mixing and mingling with registrants. Both ladies thanked the society for assisting in them attending the conference.

JULY EXEC. MEETING: MJ advised that a request had been received from the Haliburton Hospital Garden committee regarding re-establishing the raised garden beds which have gone into disrepair. They wanted our assistance to revitalize this project, but the executive denied it at this time as there was too much work to be done. The structures needed repairs or rebuilding and it was too late in the season to be planting annuals, etc. The request was returned with a suggestion that we may be able to help next year but especially needed people closer to Haliburton to work on the beds.

VESEY SEEDS: MJ reported that Vesey Seeds was offering 700 red and white tulip bulbs to 140 societies, schools, veteran associations across Canada in recognition of our country`s support for Holland during the war. The application is rather detailed and the executive recommended that it be sent to the Township of Minden Hills for their consideration.

OTHER BUSINESS: Rose Paliwoda collected and dried marigold seeds from the plants in the Village Green and placed them in bags for members to take home and plant next year in their gardens. They help keep bugs away from vegetables and she encouraged us to save our seeds.


ADJOURNMENT: Moved by: Barbara Messner
That the meeting be adjourned. Time – 9:20 p.m. CARRIED.

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