July 7 2015 Minutes

TUESDAY JULY 7, 2015  


MASTER GARDENER: Eileen Hughes gave information on ‘Garlic Scapes’

GUEST SPEAKER: Karen Sloan provided many hints on dried flowers. She donated 2 books for the draw table & a gift for our door prize.




CALL TO ORDER: The Co-Chair, Mary Jane Irwin, called the meeting to order at 8:15 pm and welcomed all on this damp evening.

LOCATION: Minden Community Centre

CHAIR: Co-President, Mary Jane Irwin

ATTENDANCE: There were 45 in attendance.



Mary Jane Irwin presented Sue Sisson her 25 year pin on behalf of District 4. Barb Ballantyne received her 25 year pin at the District 4 meeting.

MINUTES: Moved by Pauline Plooard, Seconded by Sandria Garry
That the minutes of the June 2, 2015 General Meeting be adopted as circulated.”


FINANCIAL REPORT: Karen reported that our current bank balance is $2,656.35 plus the GIC.
Moved by Karen Shirley, Seconded by Elizabeth Carrell
That the financial report be accepted.”


Moved by Margaret Giles, Seconded by Jessie Geall
That up to $275 be spent for 20 non-dated signs for the flower show.”

Melanie Hevesi reported that advertising for the flower show has gone into the Highlander, Canoe & Moose, Minden Hills Information page, websites and the Summer Guide. Posters are available for the next meeting speaker & the flower show from her now. Cynthia Gilmore has attempted & failed to get the local press to cover our General Meetings.

COMMUNITY GARDENS – Karen Shirley has purchased & planted more plants in the concrete planters. The cenotaph garden & the bridge boxes need plants too. The plants are not lush as less fertilizer has been applied as they have been rain-watered. Orange & Yellow are the Pan Am games colour as seen in the hanging baskets.

EXCURSIONS – Susan Sheehan reported that the Nursery Excursion & Winston’s Inn was a success. She handed out driving instructions for the Members Garden Tour on Saturday July 25, rain or shine.

FLOWER SHOW – Margaret Giles indicated there are 4 spaces left for the Water Viewing & Parallel Design Workshop July 18th from 10 am to 3pm. Bring a lunch. Elinor Kernohan gave out tags & assigned exhibitor numbers for the flower show. Sandria Garry gave hints on how to make & ice cupcakes for the show. Members were asked to sign up on lists for show duties.

LIBRARY & BULLETIN BOARD – Izabel Janca laid out books about dried flowers.

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy reported that our membership is now >100 and we have 20 Junior members.

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS – Elinor Kernohan is offering our society pins for sale at each meeting. Rose Paliwoda suggested that you can put all your pins on 1 ribbon and then pin the ribbon to your shirt. The T-shirt & Hoodie order is building up. She asked for names of persons requiring a card.

VILLAGE GREEN – Liz Lilley-Case thanked Nancy for planting the hostas under the birch tree and reminded how to take care of the green during your volunteer week.

YOUTH PROGRAM – Jessie Geall reported that one three sisters garden did not come up so the Cultural Centre has planted vegetables in the empty space.


June Executive Meeting – Mary Jane Irwin reported that signs for the flower show were recommended. Plant purchases were under budget but now more plants are being purchased for the concrete planters & possible for the bridge & cenotaph. It was agreed that a cap of $1,000 would be put on the annual OHA Convention registration subsidy for attending members.

OHA Annual Convention – Mary Jane outlined the convention program & described the plenary speeches. Rose Odell, former District 4 Director is now Vice President of the OHA. Rose Paliwoda entered the competitions and won many ribbons. Our 2014 Flower Show poster won Best in Show. This year’s yearbook, cover & flower show program all won. Rose Paliwoda reported on Whistling Gardens. Elinor Kernohan provided information on the Summer Bulbs talk and will provide a copy of the handout electronically. Susan Sheehan & Pauline Plooard related the talk on Gardening from a Hammock. Karen Shirley mentioned her personal highlights.


Twp. of Minden Hills – Copy of the resolution supporting waiving of rental fees for our use of the Community Centre

Environment Haliburton – July 10, Ralph Pentland will speak on ‘Protecting our Water in a Changing Climate”

Heartwood Gathering – July 10-12, Claremont, Herbal medicine, stewardship, foraging, gardening & permaculture

Dianne Westlake, District 4 Director – Summary of the OHA Annual Convention


Door Prize – Sandria Garry won the prize donated by Karen Sloan & Linda Dodds won a grass plant.


ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Barbara Messner
That the meeting be adjourned
Time – 9:25 pm

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