February 1, 2014 Minutes

Minutes of the General Meeting February 1, 2014

Location:  Our lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Minden, Ontario

Chairperson:  Melanie Hevesi

Attendance: 46

        1. Melanie welcomed everyone at 12:30 p.m.; Introduced the Head Table,  Nancy Hinton,  Guest Speaker, Margaret Giles, Secretary, Jean Neville, Councillor, Township of Minden Hills, Karen Shirley, Treasurer and Melanie Hevesi, Co-President; Welcomed the new Directors, Anica Sabel, Linda Kemp, Linda Ross and Rich Hevesi.
        2. O Canada
        3. Grace was said by Elizabeth Carrell
        4. A Pot Luck Lunch was enjoyed by all.
        5. Cynthia Gilmore introduced the Guest Speaker Nancy Hinton from Peterborough. Nancy’s topic was Indoor Plants which included a display of her personal house plants and much information regarding their care.
        6. Cynthia thanked Nancy and gave her a gift on behalf of the Society.
        7. The Business meeting was called to order at 2:25 p.m.
        8. MINUTES of the Oct.1, 2013 General Meeting were presented by Margaret Giles. Moved by Margaret and seconded by Barb Millington that the minutes be accepted as circulated. CARRIED
        9. FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by Karen Shirley.  The Bank Balance as at January 31, 2014 was $662.97. Moved by Karen and seconded by Bob MacBrien that the report be accepted as read. CARRIED
        10. Community Gardens: Karen Shirley, 2014 gardens will be mostly purple, yellow and white with splashes of red. Five tenders went out to Garden Centres in the county, four submitted, all were within $150.00 of each other. This year we will be going with Carey’s.
        11. Flower Show: no report at this time
        12. Excursions: Susan Sheehan, Susan has tickets for the Peterborough Flower Show in April, $7.00, After a show of hands, it was established there was not enough interest in a trip to Canada Blooms/ Home Show in Toronto to hire a bus.  Lindsay and Bracebridge have Garden Tours and Flower Shows, please let Susan know if you are interested. An information/ survey sheet was distributed to assist in future planning of trips.
        13. Plant Sale: Rose Paliwoda, Please save pots and offer plants for the sale.
        14. Speakers: Liz Case, no report
        15. Well Wishes: Elinor Kernohan, no report
        16. Yearbook: Melanie sent a special thanks to Anne Brown and Rich Hevesi for their work on the Yearbook.
        17. Memberships: Nancy Garbutt, Memberships purchased to date: 43, Attendance : 46
        18. UPCOMING SHOWS:Southern Ontario Orchid Show Feb. 8 – 9
          Canada Blooms Mar 14-24
          Peterborough Garden Show April 11-13Peterborough and Area Master Gardeners, garden tour June 21
        19. Through the OHA we are now covered by Cooperators Insurance
        20. SIRCH: Garden Buddy Program, They are looking for experienced vegetable gardeners to assist new gardeners.
        21. District 4 is selling Daylilies. $8.00, orders in by March 8, Nancy Garbutt, co-ordinator
        22. We received a thank you note from the Food Bank for our contribution. We donated money at a General Meeting last year, but missed the deadline for flood relief so the executive decided to make the food bank donation.

Village Green: Liz Case reported that an application has been made for a $500.00 grant through OHA to assist with the Village Green project The Master Gardeners will submit their plans to the Hort.  executive this spring.

A reminder: the March and April meetings are at 1:00 p.m.

The July meeting would fall on July 1st Nancy Garbutt made a motion that the July meeting be moved from the first Tuesday (July 1st) to the second Tuesday (July 8th), seconded by Bob MacBrien.

District 4 Representative, Carol Mitchell, was unable to attend our meeting due to the snow storm.

The meeting was adjourned by Bob MacBrien at 2:45 p.m.  Rose drew birthdates and gave away the centrepieces to the persons with the closest birthdates.

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