July 2016 General Meeting Minutes

TUESDAY July 5, 2016


MASTER GARDNER: Liz Case spoke about “The Terrible 26”. These are insects that attack our vegetable gardens. Liz gave a short, interesting talk on a few of the insects. There were handouts on “The Terrible 26”, so for those of you that did not receive a handout here are a couple of websites to check out:

GUEST SPEAKERS: We had two guest speakers this evening, Cara Steele from Abbey Gardens and David Belsey a Professor from Fleming College.

Abbey Gardens Community Trust is a charitable organization focused on a community based effort to remediate a decommissioned gravel pit into a sustainable centre for innovation. Cara said their goal is to encourage visitors to think more sustainably about land, food, energy and economy. On site they have a modern straw bale sustainable building housing their Food Hub and Community Kitchen. Abbey Gardens grow mostly vegetables. There are many activities to join and take part in at Abbey Gardens. Check out their website: www.abbeygardens.ca

David Belsey is a professor at Fleming College who teaches the Sustainable Building Design and Construction program. The 20 week program teaches about 26 students from across Canada to construct a new sustainable building showcasing green building technologies and new energy-saving techniques.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in taking this course apply through ontariocolleges.ca  Both Cara and David gave very interesting and informative talks.

M.J. reminded new members to lug-a-mug rather than using paper cups and to bring a food donation to the snack table or donate a toonie.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Mary Jane Irwin at 8:45pm.
LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre
CHAIR:            President, Mary Jane Irwin

MINUTES:     Moved by Michelle Lewis that the minutes of July 5th , 2016 be accepted as distributed. Seconded by Margaret Giles.

FINANCIAL REPORT: M.J. reported that our current bank balance is $3,238.11. We received a $500.00 grant from the Minden Legion. M.J. moved that the financial report be accepted Seconded by Susan Sheeha.


ADVERTISING: Flyers will be placed around town and other locations. Flower Show will be advertised in the local paper. All advertising is progressing well.

COMMUNITY GARDENS: All the gardens are looking good. Keep up the great work at the Village Green and please stick to the schedule for its maintenance.

EXCURSIONS:  Saturday, July 23 from 10:00am to 2:00pm will be our members Garden Tour. We have 6 gardens confirmed for the tour. Susan handed out direction and locations of the gardens. There will be blue, yellow or white balloons to identify the locations.

FLOWER SHOW:  Margaret announced there will be Design Workshop hosted by Pat Campbell on how to make a Miniature Design, Hanging Design, and Waterfall Design. The date is July 16 and the cost is $15.00. Bring your own lunch and any supplies you have to use and share amongst others.

Plans are being finalized for our Flower Show on August 12th and 13th. Sign-up sheets were circulated for volunteers to donate pies, help in the tea room and other jobs. Please bring your pies Friday morning. Members were asked to pot up perennials in a nice container for the prize table.

MEMBERSHIP: Nancy reported our total membership is now at 90 members with 37 members in attendance this evening

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS: Elinor reported we have 5 orders for t-shirts and hoodies so far but we need 6 to place the order with our supplier.

VILLAGE GREEN – Liz Case still needs a couple more volunteers to fill in spots to weed and water the Village Green weekly Members agreed that since we have some extra money, we purchase mulch for the Village Green. We will talk about how much money to spend on the mulch at the next executive meeting.


District 4 Awards Celebration – The Awards celebration was held on June 15th from 11:00am to 3:00pm in Peterborough. Five members attended and dressed in theme for English Gardens. Elizabeth Carroll received her 35 year pin.

OHA CONVENTION:  The OHA convention will be held from July 29-31 @ the Crown Plaza, in Kitchener. We will not be represented this year


OHA is having a fundraiser for the new website expense. They are selling licence plate covers for $10.00 each. Nick Case made a motion to purchase 5 licence plate covers. Rose seconded the motion. After some discussion Nick withdrew his motion and Nance Garbutt made a motion to purchase 10 licence plate covers. Seconded by Margaret Giles     CARRIE

HALIBURTON COUNTY GARLIC GROWERS: They are having their Festival on Aug. 28 at Abbey Gardens and have invited us to sell plants there. Two or three people could share a booth. If there is any interest from members M.J. will get back to them.

Gardens of Uxbridge: Will be held July 9th. The cost is $25.00. There will be artists, musicians and 8 gardens. This event is the same date as the Bobcaygeon Garden Tour


Communities in Bloom:  Elinor reported Judging day is August 23. Elinor has volunteered to take the judges around town showing some of the historical sites of Minden.

Door Prize – The door prize was won by Corrine Messner.

ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Karen Shirley “that the meeting be adjourned”.  Time 9:30pm

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