November 2016 AGM Minutes

NOVEMBER 1, 2016

*** Please note:  These minutes have yet to be adopted.  They will be adopted at our November 2017 AGM.  They are posted here now for your information ***

MASTER GARDENER: Janice Hardy spoke to us this evening about “House Plant Pests”. The 4 most common pests are: Aphids, Scales, Spider Mites, and Red Lily Leaf Beetles. It is extremely important to check all the plants we purchase to make sure we are not purchasing the plants with these little pests. Janice gave tips on how to get rid of these pests. Janice gave a very informative and interesting talk.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Mary Jane Irwin at 7:00PM

INTRODUCTIONS: MJ introduced Pam Chellew who is the Assistant Director of D4

LOCATION: Minden Community Centre

CHAIR: President, Mary Jane Irwin

MINUTES: Moved by Michelle Lewis Seconded by Margaret Giles “That the minutes of the November 3rd, 2015 AGM Meeting be accepted as circulated.”

FINANCIAL REPORT: Moved by Frances Thivierge Seconded by Elizabeth Carrell
“ That the Treasurer’s Annual Report & Reviewers’ Certificate be accepted as circulated and placed in the Society’s records.”


COMMUNITY GARDENS: Karen Shirley’s report is attached.

EXCURSIONS: Susan Sheehan’s reports are attached.

FLOWER SHOW: Margaret Giles’ report is attached.

LIBRARY: Izabel Janca reported on our library

MEMBERSHIP: On behalf of Nancy Garbutt, who was absent, Mary Jane reported that at our year end as of August 31, 2016, we had 98 Members and 17 Youth Members.

PLANT SALE: Anica Sabel’s report is attached.

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS: Elinor Kernohan reported that 24 cards were sent this past year. Pins are still available and all clothing sold has been delivered.

YOUTH PROGRAM: Pat Johnson’s report is attached.

Moved by Michelle Lewis Seconded by Rose Paliwoda
“That all committee reports be accepted as read”

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Mary Jane Irwin read the attached report.

“Moved by Mary Jane Irwin.  Seconded by Karen Shirley
“That the actions and decisions of the Executive in the past year be approved”.

Moved by Mary Jane Irwin.  Seconded by Rich Hevesi
“That the actions and decisions of the Board of Directors in the past year be approved”.

****  Please follow the link to read the committee annual report attachments: Minutes Nov 2016 AGM ATTACHMENTS


FALL SEMINAR REPORT: Mary Jane Irwin reported that she, along with 6 other members attended the Fall Seminar on October 29th. The guest speaker Anna Mizyn spoke on “Winter Hardy Cacti and Succulents”. A great time was had by all. Members are urged to visit the O.H.A. website where they can read the Trillium newsmagazine.

VOLUNTEER HOURS: Linda Ross received the volunteer hour reports from many members tonight but those that forgot are urged to telephone her or email her at

LICENCE PLATE FRAMES: Mary Jane had some licence plate frames for sale this evening. The cost is $10.00 each.

FESTIVAL of TREES: At the Minden Cultural Centre from Nov. 25th – Nov. 27th Members could show their support by decorating a tree. There seemed to be little interest.

MERRY MINDEN: Nov. 2 will be a workshop at Minden Community Centre to make Christmas Decorations with birch. Nov. 9 will be bows and boughs and Nov.18th will be the official tree lighting in the Village Green. There will be music and other festivities.
The Township is looking for donations of old skis, sticks etc. They are also looking for Sponsors to help out financially.
Moved by Susan Sheehan Seconded by Melanie Hevesi
“That we donate $100.00 to Merry Minden”

Moved by Nick Case Seconded by Susan Sisson
“That we donate $200.00 to Merry Minden to help with decorating costs”

PRESIDENT’S AWARDS: Mary Jane presented Margaret Giles and Susan Sheehan with the Presidents’ Award for their outstanding contribution to the Society. Congratulations!

DOOR PRIZE: The door prize was won by Michelle Lewis

COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM: Susan Sheehan read a letter from the judges regarding our beautiful gardens in Minden and the surrounding areas. One point made was just to improve on what we are doing.
An idea for our plant sale next Spring is a “Make and Take”. The township would supply the top soil and wood chips and the Society would provide the plants (for sale).
Customers could pot up their plants and take the wood chips with them. We would also provide information on the plants to the customers.

ELECTION: District 4 Assistant Director, Pam Chellew , presented the nominations obtained by the nominating committee, Liz Case and Rose Paliwoda, and asked for further nominations from the floor. The slate was filled and all positions were acclaimed.


President Karen Shirley
Past President Mary Jane Irwin
1st Vice President Melanie Hevesi
2nd Vice President Liz Case
Secretary Faye Adamson
Treasurer Frances Thivierge

2017                                   2017-2018
Rich Hevesi                        Julia Donnelly
Pat Johnson                       Debra Tammi
Susan Sheehan                     Michelle Lewis
Anica Sabel                         Elinor Kernohan

Pam Chellew installed the new Executive and Board of Directors.

ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Barb Millington “ That the meeting be adjourned”. Time 8:41pm

REFRESHMENT BREAK: We took a twenty minute break.

GUEST SPEAKER: Belinda Gallagher did a wonderful presentation on “De-myth-tifying Sustainable Gardening”
Belinda gave us plenty to think about. There was a handout providing us with excellent reading material. If there is anyone who did not receive the handout and would like one please email:

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