June 2016 General Meeting Minutes

TUESDAY June 3, 2016

GUEST SPEAKER:   Carolyn Langdon was our guest speaker. Carolyn gave an interesting and informative talk on Wild Edibles, plus “Culinary & Medicinal Uses of Wild Edibles”. As part of her presentation, Carolyn took us outside to show us some edible plants growing in the vicinity of the Minden Community Centre. If anyone is interested in receiving Carolyn’s notes on her presentation please email her or speak to Carolyn at the next General Meeting.


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Mary Jane Irwin at 7:00pm.
LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre
CHAIR:            President, Mary Jane Irwin
MINUTES:     Moved by Michelle Lewis
Seconded by Margaret Giles
“That the minutes of May 3rd , 2016 General Meeting be accepted as distributed”.       CARRIED

FINANCIAL REPORT: Frances Thivierge reported that our current bank balance is $3,250.28. We are now receiving our monthly bank statements electronically and will be saving $3.00 per month.
Moved by Frances Thivierge          Seconded by Elizabeth Carrell
“That the financial report be accepted”           CARRIED


COMMUNITY GARDENS- Members please keep an eye on the barrels and Gardens on the main street, river bank and the Village Green. Please deadhead, and weed. If any of the plants need replacing please inform Karen or MJ. They have extra plants.

EXCURSIONS – Saturday, July 23 will be our members Garden Tour. Tonight is the deadline for members to volunteer their gardens to be on the tour. We have two gardens confirmed so far. We need more members on board if the garden tour is going to take place.

Thursday, June 9th is our excursion to Peterborough area gardens and garden centres; everything is in place.

FLOWER SHOW – Margaret announced there will be Design Workshop conducted by Pat Campbell on how to make a Minature Design, Hanging Design, and Waterfall Design. The date is July 16 and the cost is $15.00. Bring your own lunch and any supplies you have to use and share amongst others. The signup sheet went around and it looks like we have a full class!

Margaret talked about planting container gardens for decorations at the Flower Show. Use your imagination! Some people have used old boots to plant flowers in etc. Entry tags will be at the July and August meeting. Margaret also showed an example of a decorated mask. Members can decorate a mask following the guidelines in the yearbook. We have for sale for $6.50, the ONTARIO JUDGING and EXHIBITING STANDARDS book. . This book tells specifics of what the judges are looking for. Otherwise, see the RULES and REGULATIONS on page FS2 of our Year Book and specific requirements stated at the beginning of each Section in the Flower Show program.

Library- Izabel went over how the library operates for the new members this evening. She also shared the importance of the notices on our bulletin board.

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy reported our total membership is now at 89 members. Five new members joined this evening.

PLANT SALE –We had a great turnout of our members for our annual plant sale. The weather was great and our total sales were $640.60. That is an increase of $41.00 dollars over last year!

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS – Elinor sent cards to the following people last month: Margaret Giles, get well, MJ, Happy Birthday, Rose, get well, Gus,e get well. Darlene get well, and Liz thinking of you

VILLAGE GREEN – Liz Case reports there are 22 weeks to cover from May 15 to October 2016 for maintenance . Liz is still looking for more volunteers.

YOUTH PROGRAM – Pat reported Home Hardware gave students a geranium to plant. Students were very happy about this. Pat also mentioned 7students have joined our society as junior members..

VOLUNTEER HOURS – Linda Kemp reminded members to track all volunteer hours and record your hours at the back of the yearbook.


District 4 Awards Celebration – The Awards celebration will be held on June 15th from 11:00am to 3:00pm in Peterborough. This year’s theme is English Gardens and members may dress to reflect the theme if they so choose. MJ, Elinor, Frances, Margaret and Elizabeth will be attending.

OHA CONVENTION – The OHA convention will be held from July 29-31 @ the Crown Plaza, in Kitchener. Early bird cost is $125.00 for registration if submitted before June 27. All forms and information are available on www.gardenontario.org. Our Society pays a portion of your expenses. We have 5 entries this year in the publications category. There will be speakers, seminars, workshops & tours to enjoy.


NORLAND HORT SOCIETY- On June the 15th the speaker will be Edith George. She will be speaking on Heritage Trees, “Preserving Our Natural Roots”.

TOWNSHIP Of MINDEN HILLS- The Township is enclosing a grant cheque in the amount of $2,000.00 for all the plants purchased for around town and the Village Green. The Township expressed their gratitude for all the work and maintenance from our Horticultural Society.

OHA- There is a photo contest called “For the Love of Gardening”. Each of the 19 societies in District 4 can submit to District 4, one digital photo that will form a collage that will be submitted to OHA for judging. The photo can be up to three years old and can be a photo of community, public or private gardens. June 15th is the deadline to submit your photo.

Lee Valley is sponsoring the contest offering $100.00, $200.00 and $400.00 Gift Certificates as prizes for the best collages. The pictures will also be used in a calendar which will be an OHA fund raiser.

OHA- The summer Trillium is out. Please see www.gardenontario.org for more information.


Garden Ontario Week We will not be having an activity during the Garden Ontario Week. Please see the list of activities in other locations at www.gardenontarioweek.org

Door Prize – The door prize was won by Bob McBrien. There were 49 in attendance this evening.

 ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Susan Sheehan “that the meeting be adjourned”. Time 9:30

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