May 2016 General Meeting Minutes

TUESDAY MAY 3rd 2016

GUEST SPEAKER: Liz and Nick Case gave a very interesting and informative presentation on “Growing Your Own Backyard Vegetables”. Their talk was accompanied by a power point presentation of some of the gardens they have grown over the years. They brought handouts on companion planting and showed a Companion Wheel. They recommended a book entitled Gardening With Short Growing Seasons by Graham Saunders.


CALL TO ORDER: The President, Mary Jane Irwin called the meeting to order at 8:30 pm
LOCATION:   Minden Community Centre
ATTENDANCE: There were 49 in attendance


MINUTES:  Moved by Michelle Lewis                 Seconded by Karen Shirley
“That the minutes of the April 5th General Meeting be adopted as circulated”

FINANCIAL REPORT: Frances reported that our current bank balance is $2449.65.
Moved by Frances Thivierge                   Seconded by Elizabeth Carrell
“That the financial report be accepted”


ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONS – Melanie has made posters for distribution, advertising the Plant Sale on May 28th .

COMMUNITY GARDENS – Members please be aware that all communication with Township staff regarding Community Gardens is to be through Mary Jane, Liz or Karen.

Karen has started about 100 canna lilies and any not used in the town gardens will be sold at the Plant Sale. Planting day will be June 2nd and a list was circulated for volunteers to sign up to plant and maintain the various gardens. Volunteers were reminded to bring hats, gloves, trowels, watering cans, brooms and to wear our blue shirts.

The Community Gardens Committee will meet at Karen’s on May 10th at 1:30pm.

EXCURSIONS – Susan Sheehan is organizing a members garden tour for July 23rd.It is for members and their friends and family only. She is still looking for more members to open their gardens for our enjoyment.

She is also organizing a car pool to visit Garden Centres on June 9th. A sign-up sheet was circulated for those planning to go and those willing to drive. We will visit the Cactus Guy, the Westlake’s garden, lunch at the Magic Rolling Pin, then on to Gardens Plus, Griffin’s Green House, and Horlings Garden Centre.

FLOWER SHOW – Margaret Giles announced there will be a Design Workshop on July 16th ,led by Pat Campbell, on making a miniature design, hanging design and waterfall design. The cost is $15.oo. Bring your own lunch and supplies. There is room for only 12 participants so Margaret circulated a sign-up sheet.

A list is posted on the bulletin board of what is needed for the flower show; if you have any of the items to lend please let Margaret know.

Members were reminded to take pictures of their flowers for the photography classes and to start drying flowers for the pressed and dried classes.

New to the Flower Show this year is a Peoples’ Choice Award. Melanie will produce the ballots.

HYLAND CREST TEA – Anne Brown, Elaine Smith, Barbara Messner and Debra Tammi  will serve the tea on May 19th .

MEMBERSHIP – Nancy Garbutt reported that we now have 78 members.

PLANT SALE – Our Plant Sale is May 28th at the Village Green. Extra pots were made available at the meeting for members to use for potting up plants for the sale. Plants should be delivered between 8 and 9am; the sale opens at 10am. Please wear your blue shirts.

T-SHIRTS & CARDS & PINS – Elinor Kernohan reported that she will place the t-shirt order after this meeting so this was the last chance to order a shirt. A sympathy card was sent to Mrs. Sellers and a thank you card to Mrs. Schmitt for the glad bulbs.

VILLAGE GREEN – Liz Case still needs at least 8 more people to volunteer to maintain the Village Green for a week during this summer.

YOUTH PROGRAM – Pat Johnson will chair this committee this year. Several members have volunteered to assist her.


District 4 Awards Celebration – will be June 15th in Peterborough. Several of our members will receive 25 and 35 year pins. The theme is English Gardens.

OHA Convention –is July 29th to 31st in Kitchener. All forms and information are on the gardenontario website. Early bird registration is $125 and must be in by June 27th  . Our society will subsidize at least part of the registration fee. Melanie has submitted 5 entries in the publications category.

April Executive Meeting Report – Mary Jane reported on 4 motions passed by the board in April.

No new books will be purchased for the library this year.

Our society will award 35 year pins to eligible members.

In support of the Highway of Heroes project, members’ donations will be accepted at the May and June General Meetings and the society will match the donations up to a maximum of $100.00. The total will then be forwarded to OHA.

In order to reduce the net cost of the 2017 Year Book, some filler pages will be deleted; less colour and smaller pictures will be used; the Flower Show insert will be on smaller paper; and the cost of ads will increase to $30.00.


Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society – announcing their annual Garden Tour on July 9th

John Schmitt – offering a quantity of glad bulbs from his father’s garden

Eric Casper – notifying us that the Township of Minden Hills has decided to take part in Canada Blooms this year and requesting that two of our members sit on the committee. Elinor Kernohan and Susan Sheehan volunteered to sit on the committee representing our society.


Highway of Heroes – A donation box was placed at this evenings meeting . Members were invited to make donations to help purchase trees to be planted along Highway 401 in memory of fallen soldiers. Our society will match the donations up to a max of $100.00 and the total will be submitted to OHA. The deadline for donations is June 30th so the box will also be available at the June General Meeting.

Garden Ontario Week – is June 11th to 19th . Liz Case and Sue Flinders-Adams volunteered to plan an event in our area.

Crafts by Elinor Kernohan – Elinor brought her bird house, mushroom and portfolio folder made from paperback books. Beautiful job Elinor! Anyone interested in attending a workshop on making them is asked to contact Elinor.

Growing Giant Pumpkins – Mary Jane has notes from the presentation at District 4 AGM about growing giant pumpkins. She will provide a copy to anyone who requests one.

Door Prize – was won by Elaine Smith

ADJOURNMENT – Moved by Sandria Garry
“That the meeting be adjourned”   Time – 9:30pm

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