June 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Minden and District Horticultural Society
General Meeting, July 2 2019, 7pm
Minden Community Centre
  1. Call to Order: President Sharon Ireland called the meeting to order with reminders about cellphones and side conversations.
  2. Master Gardener Talk : Eileen Hughes , “Ticks in the Garden and What You Need to Know”Eileen explained how to identify ticks, where they lurk in your garden and gave advice on
    how to avoid them. The Black-legged ticks or deer ticks are of the most concern as they can cause Lyme disease in pets and humans. A bulls eye rash indicates a bite and requires immediate medical attention.

    Pauline Plooard passed around dead specimens for members to view as well as two types of keys that enable tweezing out a tick without leaving mouth parts behind. Climate change has resulted in ticks becoming more prevalent in our area.

  3. Guest Speaker: Julia Donnelly introduced Tim Hobbs of True North Day Lilies who
    delivered a colourful slide presentation of their two acre farm at Warkworth that features, 50,000 daylilies. He showed a wide variety of blooms with interesting variations of features forms, colours and colour patterns that are the result of hybridizing. He showed us the basic structure of the lily along with a technical explanation of the mechanics of hybridizing and what growers look for in creating a new variety. He showed us examples of his own registered varieties.

    Day lilies have few pests and many are fragrant and sweetly edible. They are sun loving, however, True North Day Lilies also grows shade tolerant perennials. .
    Tim offered us a selection for sale and one voucher for a day lily available during the month of July, plus a flier that shows the location of the farm and tours can be arranged. The web site is: truenonorthdaylilies.com

Break: Strawberry Explosion

  1. Minutes of June 4th meeting: Secretary Dorothy McIntyre asked for any errors or omissions. Anica Sabel stated that the profit from the plant sale was $ 1,060.00, not $1,013.00.
    Larry Parsons moved that the minutes be accepted as amended,
    seconded by Monica Hamilton-Elliot. Carried
  2. Financial Report : M.J. Irwin is on vacation. Sharon Ireland reported that as of June 18th there was $2030.11 in the operating account.
    The GIC was rolled over.
    Barb Millington moved that the financial report be accepted, seconded by Anica Sabel. Carried.

6. Announcements and Correspondence:

a. Community in Bloom : Please take some time to weed the gardens that you planted.

b. Miracle Gro with Mark Cullen are looking for suggestions of exceptional gardens in the Township of Minden Hills. The Village Green has already been chosen and has a promotional sign. A gardener would have to agree to a sign and a photo that would then become the property of Miracle Gro. Members had a few suggestions such as Killara Station for the vegetable garden. The garden would need to be on a road easily visible from a main thoroughfare. Miracle Gro is looking for six in all. The deadline for submissions is the end of August. Elinor will relay suggestions to the Communities in Bloom committee.

c. Remember to record your volunteer hours. Every little bit counts , such as cleaning the Village Green, planting the town or plant sale. Start keeping track now in the back of the year book.

Committee and Event Reports:

7. Advertising and Website: Melanie is absent however she has finished the poster.

8. Community Gardens: They are looking good except for some weeds and that has already been discussed.

9. Youth Programme: Pat Johnson The programme is complete and went well. Pat thanked the six volunteers that helped with the 57 students. Pat was also commended for all of her time and effort

10. Mini Garden Competitions: Susan Kellar The next competition is at the August 6 meeting. Please consult your Yearbook for the 3 categories. The collection of herbs can be either planted or in vases , according to the standards book. Members will all receive 3 ballots, one vote for each category.

11. Village Green: Liz Case Liz appealed for more helpers and will be in contact with
those who said they would help with maintenance, and will set a date for a crew to spread mulch. Liz and Nick both appealed for help with administration , even someone to take over her duties entirely.

12. T- shirts, pins and cards: Barb Millington No cards were sent this month. There were 2 orders for t-shirts. More are needed to fill an order. Please contact Barb if you
know of someone who needs a card.

13. Excursions: Francis Thivierge Francis passed around a clipboard for members to sign up for the annual excursion to Craftworks and Antiques at Fowlers Corners with lunch at Lavender Fields with an option to bring your own.
22 -24 members have expressed an interest. We need drivers to form a carpool. Only expense is for buying lunch and chipping in for gas. Meet here at 8:45a.m. Thursday July 25.

14. Library: Izabel Janca Izabel is absent . Books are available to be signed out.

O.H.A., District 4, and other Meetings

15. District 4 Fall Seminar: Fenelon Falls October 26
Sharon urged members to attend as a valuable experience prior to our hosting of next fall’s seminar.

16 . New Business :
a. Lake of Bays Garden Centre, formerly Dwight Garden Centre is holding a customer appreciation day July 6. from 9 to 5.
b. Larry Parsons offered an August excursion of his Trails. The vegetation on the trails has matured and taken on quite a different look since the Spring excursion.

c. Nancy announced that there are a few plants for sale left over from the plant sale.
d. Canada Day was a success. Thanks go out to volunteers who attended the booth and to Sharon who supplied the tent and required supplies.

17. Attendance: Sue Sisson, Susan Sheehan, Nancy Garbutt
Total membership is 80, tonight’s attendance is 40 and we welcome one new member, Michelle Lewis.

18. Door Prizes: Congratulations to Tammy Lyons for a planter urn and to Betty Gordon for a hosta.

19. Motion to Adjourn: Anica Sabel Carried

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