May 2019 General Minutes

Minden and District Horticultural Society
Minden Community Centre May 7, 2019, 7 pm


  1. Call to Order: by President Sharon Ireland at 7p.m.
  2. Master Gardener: Carolyn Langdon on Shade Gardens

Carolyn first pointed out that we do live in a well treed environment, resulting in many gardens having some measure of shade. She recommended emulating nature and creating a woodland shade garden using native flowers and shrubs. These plants are resilient and attract native pollinators. eg. Winterberry, Partridgeberry, Dogwood, Snowberry, Serviceberry.

Cultivars to consider: Vergenia, Astilbe , Slomon Seal, shade ferns.

Factors to consider when buying plants: * Zone 4 ( American zones will be colder)

* Density : partial shade- 5 hrs+ of sun; full shade -1hr. and some filtered light; deep shade, no sun.

* Intensity; much less here at 45o latitude than, say, the tropics and changes over the season. Hint– create a natural light meter by planting petunias in various locations then observing their performance.

3. Guest Speaker: Marion Jean “Dahlias: “From History to Harvest.” Julia Donnelly introducedMarion Jean from Oakridge Dahlias, Just south of Bewdley. Marion gave a talk outlining the many details involved in growing Dahlias. She noted that Dahlias originated in the temperate mountain zones of Mexico that has strong sunshine but is not too hot with dry conditions at the beginning and end of the growing season.

Marion offered a two page information handout as well as tubers for sale, 3 for $10.00.

the website is

  1. Break: Cheese Please. Sharon distributed seed packages to members who “lugged a mug.”
  2. Minutes: 2019 April minutes were amended in item #9 ; blue salvia not blue celosia.

Secretary Dorothy McIntyre moved that the minutes be accepted as amended. Seconded by Larry Parsons. Carried.

6. Financial Report: Treasurer M.J. Irwin reported that the balance in our operating account on April 30/19 was $1,409.37. We have not yet received funds from the Twp. Of Minden or from the Legion. M.J. Moved that the financial report be accepted as distributed. Seconded by Larry Parsons. Carried.

7. Announcements and correspondence:

a. District 4 Fall Seminar, 2020: We will be the hosts. The town has assured that the community centre hall will definitely be ready. We will need many volunteers from our members to handle registration, greet guests, set up competitors, refreshments etc, etc.

We need start planning a year ahead. Norland is offering mentoring as they have hosted the seminar in the past.

For the benefit of new members, Sharon explained the structure of the horticultural societies.

b. The new is active and worth a visit.

c. Master Gardener Plant Sale: June 1 in Headlake Park; we will have a booth there and welcome members to come out and help.

d. Signs for the barrels: Blue signs in the barrels will state that the barrels are planted and maintained by the Horticultural Society. The Executive have amended this to remove the word “maintained”

e. Rain Barrels and Composters: Barrels with a top screen and overflow valve, $65.00. ; rolling composter, $55.00. They will be available mid June at the Dairy. Watch for Information by email. These are being sold by F.E.E.L not the Horticultural Society.

Committee and Event reports:

8. Advertising: Melanie has updated the website. Much information is there for members to view, including meetings and past minutes.

9. Community Gardens: Karen reported that she will be picking up red cascading petunias from MJ. The colour scheme on the bridge is blue, green and red.

  1. Website: Richard is absent.
  2. Youth Program: Pat Johnson reported that the program starts next Tuesday May 13th and runs

until June 18th. Please contact her by phone by the 13th if you would be willing to volunteer.

12. Mini Garden competitions: Susan Kellar; June 4th is the first one. New judging books have not arrived so use the old ones. Check with Izabel for a library copy. Karen has information sheets on filling out your entry tags and on conditioning flowers. Please consult the 2019 year book for Rules and Regulations and for the 3 competition classes.

Entries must be in place by 6:30 p.m. So arrive by 6 to get set up. Members may vote at 6:30 or at the break. Winners will be announced at the same meeting.

13. Village green; Liz Case. Please come out on Wednesday May 15th at 9a.m. to help clean up the Village Green. Rain Date is Thursday May 16th.

14. Plant Sale: May 25th: Anica appealed to everyone to dig and pot up perennials and /or shrubs. Indoor plants are also welcome, and any gardening books or magazines. We will start setting up and pricing at 8 a.m. Customers will be admitted at 10 a.m. We close at Noon.  Remember to wear your Blue.

15. T-shirts Pins and Cards: Barb reported that two cards were sent; a thank you card to Leslie Brown for her donation of flower arranging paraphernalia and a sympathy card to Anika.

Call Barb if you know of anyone who should get a card.

Barb is starting a new list for the clothing. We need a minimum number to place an order. Pins are available for $5.00 each.

16. Excursions: Francis reported that the Bobcaygeon Garden tour is July 13th, with tea at the Settler’s Village. Tickets are available online or at your first stop. There are 6 gardens to visit.

The proposed Plant Paradise tour was deemed too far to travel. (2 hours, 12 minutes)
Toward the end of July a trip to Fowlers Corners to visit Craftworks and Antiques is planned, with lunch at Lavender Fields and Bistro with perhaps also a stop in Peterborough.

Larry Parsons invited everyone to visit his trails and see the wildflowers; This Friday at 2pm, West of Carnarvon , 8006 Queens Line (watch for the Orange cones)

17. Library: Izabel has selected several interesting books for display. Melanie will post a complete list on the website and Nancy will email to new members.

O.H.A., District 4 , and Other Meetings and Events

18. Peterborough Garden Show: It was a well attended show although our members found it to be a confusing layout with a lot of walking.

  1. Bobcaygeon Garden Tour: Saturday July 13th.
  2. District 4 Fall Seminar in Fenelon Falls, October 26 : A good opportunity to see how it is organized.

21. New Business:

The canoe themed display to enhance the downtown: After a discussion regarding all the organization that would be required such as a type of competition, types of planters , locations, media, communication with participants, catchy title and more, it was decided that it was really too late for this year. The project was deferred to next year.

  1. Attendance: Nancy reported 46, 11 renewals with 72 members in all.
  2. Door Prize: Congratulations to Lena Kovich for winning a pot of pansies and to Cynthia

Gillmore for a lugamug tote.

24. Motion to adjourn: Rose Paliwada

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