May 6, 2014 Minutes



Location: Minden Community Centre, Minden, Ontario
Chairperson: Mary Jane Irwin
Attendance: 44

MJ Irwin called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm

Karen Shirley introduced Ann Campbell of Carey’s Garden Centre, Minden. Ann showed the new plants and assorted colours available this year.

  1. The Business Meeting was called to order at 7:28 pm.
  2. There were no additions to the Agenda.
  3. MINUTES of the April 1, 2014 General Meeting were presented by Margaret Giles. Moved by Margaret and seconded by Elinor Kernohan that the minutes be accepted as circulated. CARRIED
  4. FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by Karen Shirley. The current Bank Balance is $1397.82. Moved by Karen and seconded by Elizabeth Carrell that the financial report be accepted as read. CARRIED
  1. ADVERTISING: Melanie will make flyers for store windows to advertise the Plant Sale. She will also ensure both radio stations publicize the event.
  2. EXCURSIONS: Susan Sheehan reported on a possible trip to the Lucy Maud Montgomery site in Eastdale would be available on June 18th, leaving at 10:00 am. The day would include tea, sandwiches & scones, a visit to a 2 acre Perennial Garden, Richters is also in the area. The cost is $25.00. Please see the sign-up sheet if you are interested.
  3. FLOWER SHOW: Set up day will be July 24. This is our main event for the year. Please encourage all members to participate in the show. Door prize donations are to be given to Nancy Garbutt.
  4. LIBRARY: Izabel Janca reported – New donations have just been received, they will be added to each appropriate section. We have one book on Lilacs, our theme for this evening.

Cynthia Gilmore introduced Maureen McEwan, guest speaker, on the topic “ A Lilac for Every Garden”. Her slide presentation included the history of the lilac plant and the many species now existing in our area.

Cynthia thanked the speaker and a 10 minute break followed for refreshments.

  1. PLANT SALE: Rose Paliwoda reported – 15 tables have been ordered, vegetable, annuals, perennials & house plants all needed. Please label plants with name, sun or shade, possible height if known. Old blinds cut up are good for labeling. Volunteers are needed. Rose will be at the Village Green at 8:00 am. Please have plants delivered before 9:00 am to give the volunteers time to price.
  2. T-SHIRTS & CARDS: Elinor Kernohan reported T-shirt order has arrived and the items have been picked up. Cards have been sent to Margaret Hewings, Marg Chambers, Caroline Hunter and Bernice Gillies. Elizabeth Carrell requested that a card be sent to John Sellers on his retirement from the OHA.
  3. WEBSITE: Melanie will have a demo of the site at the next general meeting.
  4. HYLAND CREST TEA: May 22nd at 2:30 pm. Ann Brown will be the co-ordinator, Liz Case, Marg Graham, Sue Sisson will volunteer. Meet at 2:00 pm, serve at 2:30. Please make some goodies.
  1. District 4 AGM – Mary Jane Irwin reported – District 4 has a new pilot program to send members to other societies’ meetings. A $250.00 grant is available to hold a first time “Seedy Saturday”. The fall fundraiser will be the sale of fall bulbs. District 4 is giving each society funding to plant a tree in their community. OHA MAY be raising the fees by $3.00 per person. John Sellers, OHA Director and former President of District 4 left the group with the following thought – At each meeting have some laughter, have a conversation with one new person and learn one new thing. The Speaker Paula Anderson spoke about vegetable gardening. She owns Sun Root Organics near Peterborough and is on the Peterborough Garden Tour.

Full AGM report attached to file.

  1. District 4 Awards Celebration – June 11th – 11 – 3 pm in Peterborough
  2. OHA Convention – July 18 – 20 Cornwall Deadline for early bird registration is June 1st , MJ Irwin and Rose Paliwoda are planning to attend.
  3. District 4 Fall Seminar – Oct. 25th
  4. Environment Haliburton – Elizabeth Carrell and Margaret Giles attended the meeting April 1st. The purpose of the meeting was for like-minded groups interested in our local environment to meet and share information on their groups’ activities. Haliburton Land Trust, Abbey Gardens, Wildlife Sanctuary and more were in attendance. The plan is to meet 2-3 times per year.
  5. April Executive Meeting – Mary Jane Irwin reported on 3 resolutions passed at the April Executive meeting. There will be no ads on our website, just links to speakers and horticultural topics, no emails will be sent to members advertizing products or services, and starting in 2014, service pins for 10 & 25 consecutive years of service will be given to members of our society.
  1. OHA – Confirming we received a grant of up to $500.00 for the Village Green – this money is to be spent on plants only
  2. OHA – Confirming we have been approved for a grant of up to $200.00 for tree planting ( a carry over from 2013 due to flooding)
  3. Peterborough Greenup – There is a Bonsai workshop on June 8th
  1. Mary Jane Irwin expressed our thanks to Izabel Janca for her work on our Society banner and display. It is most appreciated and looks great. In addition, MJ thanked the Master Gardeners for the extensive work in preparing the Village Green Plan.
  2. Village Green Plan – We will get started this year and complete about ¼ of the plan. We have a $500 grant for plants & $500 from the township for triple mix, annuals will still be planted. We have the usual $2000. from the Township for annuals. The Village Green committee will be separate from Community Gardens with Liz Case as Chairperson.
  3. Norland Horticultural Society , meeting May 20th, Pioneer Baptist Church Hall, Norland, 1:00 pm Speaker Marjorie Mason, All are welcome.
  4. Membership – Nancy Garbutt reported 14 new members tonight, bringing our membership to 81.
  5. The Door Prize was won by Donna Purdy.
  6. COMMUNITY GARDENS: Karen Shirley reported the proposed locations for the 2 memorial trees are – one near the kitchen door of the Community Centre and one near the Arena. The committee is waiting the approval of the Township. There will be no planters on the bridge. There are new black planters on Main Street in which the township will be drilling holes for drainage. The barrels are out. Please check the concrete planters, if soil is needed, please purchase it and give the bill to Karen. The weekend of June 6-7 help will be needed at Ann Brown’s house for sorting the plants. Please wear your “ blues “ on Main Street. District 4 is giving each society money for a tree for their community. The location for the tree will be discussed with the Township.
  7. Moved by Rose Paliwoda that we adjourn the meeting at 9:40 pm

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